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Power Series power controllerPower SeriesTM power controller

Lower operating costs
Heater failure detection
Tight, responsive control
Equipment protection
Current and power monitoring
Quick installation and startup

Lower operating costs

SCR control provides lower operating costs:
Extended heater life.
Reduced equipment downtime.
Less maintenance.
Lower scrap rates.

Heater failure detection

Heater tolerance detection can detect a failed heater, or detect a problem before a heater fails.

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Tight, responsive control

Phase angle or zero cross control can provide on-off cycle times shorter than one second.
Voltage compensation adjusts for changes in line voltage so that power to the load remains the same.

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Equipment protection

Soft start and current limiting prevent excessive current on startup.
Heater bakeout removes moisture from the heater to prevent heater damage.
Maximum rate of change prevents sudden increases in current.
Built-in semiconductor fusing protects the power controller from short circuits in the load.

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The communications option allows you to program and monitor the Power Series from a computer or PLC.

Microprocessor-based for maximum flexibility

Field-select phase angle control or zero cross control.
Field-select the input signal.
Field-program alarms, soft start and other features for optimal performance with your application.
Operate at 50 or 60Hz with no special calibration.

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Current and power monitoring

The heater diagnostics option includes current monitoring and power (kVA) monitoring. The retransmit option allows you to transmit this data to a data-acquisition device.

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Quick installation and startup

Designed for easy installation.
Fast Start Guide gets you up and running quickly! See Chapter 5 of the Power Series User's Manual.
Easy-to-use interface.

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